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The MVG Team

The MVG team stands as unparalleled leaders in the industry, boasting extensive international field experience, years of mechanical design proficiency, a comprehensive spectrum of expertise in hardware and software integration, and, notably, decades of UV CIPP liner manufacturing experience dating back to the inception of the technology. Our team exemplifies dedication and expertise, traveling worldwide to seamlessly implement, train, and provide unwavering support for all technologies offered by MVG.


Richard “Monte” Montemarano

Monte assumes the pivotal role of CEO and Lead Business Consultant at Monte Vista Group, LLC, where he provides strategic guidance to top-tier management teams across various financial domains, including Return on Investment (ROI), business strategy, process optimization, sales, and strategic marketing, particularly within the context of implementing Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technologies. Additionally, in his capacity as CEO of MVG, Monte orchestrates the alignment of MVG's extensive cadre of professional consultants and technology assets, ensuring seamless integration for all business endeavors, both internal and external.

With a distinguished career spanning diverse sectors, Monte brings a wealth of executive management experience, ranging from nascent ventures to established corporate entities, holding key positions such as CEO, Vice President, Board Director, and Chairman. His professional journey encompasses two decades of executive leadership within the UV CIPP domain, a decade steering high-tech software enterprises, fifteen years of strategic sales and sales management in the realm of printing and publishing technology, and a decade dedicated to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment and consultation for esteemed Fortune 500 entities, including Wells Fargo Bank, Paychex, and Agfa/Bayer, among others. In addition, Monte's creation of Warp UV curing technology, accompanied by his possession of ten US patents, underscores his exceptional contributions to the field of curing processes. With his groundbreaking invention making waves in multiple industries, his dedication, expertise, and continued innovation are sure to shape the future of UV curing technology.

Moreover, Monte is a seasoned public speaker, having delivered compelling presentations to expansive audiences on an array of topics. His engagements span prestigious platforms such as WEFTEC, N0-Dig, UCT, and Pumper Cleaner shows, where he has shared insights on Light Curing for Fiberglass. Additionally, he has addressed audiences at International Paper’s National Sales Conference on Internet Technology and delivered thought-provoking discourses on "The Future of Color Publishing" for Apple Computer and International Paper. Monte's proficiency extends to hosting numerous national and international seminars on trenchless technology and CRM-related subjects, further solidifying his reputation as a distinguished authority in his field.

Renee Quitter
Technology Director

Rene boasts over two decades of extensive experience in fiberglass Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) installation and manufacturing. His expertise spans the design and establishment of numerous manufacturing facilities for UV CIPP liners across Europe, China, India, and the United States. Notably, Rene holds inventorship in eleven U.S. patents for pioneering manufacturing designs and processes concerning UV CIPP curing technology and gravity and pressure liners. Additionally, he has spearheaded the conception and refinement of several UV curing devices, which are presently utilized on an international scale, with ongoing advancements in design.

Rene has long served as a pivotal resource for U.S. contractors seeking to enhance the proficiency of their installation teams in the field. His profound understanding of both liner manufacturing and on-site installation equips him to adeptly address a myriad of challenges that may arise during project execution. Moreover, Rene is deeply committed to ensuring that personnel are adequately trained in accordance with best practices.


At MVG, Rene assumes a key role in collaborating with clients, providing them with invaluable technical insights and expertise essential for the manufacturing and installation of UV-cured CIPP liners. As a hands-on engineer, he interfaces with stakeholders across all organizational levels, diligently guiding them to optimize their investments in both capital and time. His unwavering dedication culminates in the swift realization of returns and the delivery of unparalleled customer satisfaction for our clients’ clientele.

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