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Monte Vista Group is a frontrunner in UV curing technologies across a range of major international industries. With a portfolio encompassing unique patents spanning UV blankets to UV CIPP liners, the company sets a standard for innovation and excellence in the field.



Monte Vista Group (MVG) offers custom liner and manufacturing designs worldwide, leveraging our patents, extensive research and development, and industry experience. We provide the expertise needed to help companies manufacture their own liners and supply them with raw materials to ensure the highest quality, competitively priced liners on the market. Additionally, MVG liner technology has been installed globally for over 10 years, including in major U.S. cities such as Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and more.

The Patent

MVG holds the US Patent US 9,248,605 B2. This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/098,326 to Rene Quitter filed on Sep. 19, 2008 and entitled INSERTION TUBE, which is incorporated by reference in its entirety for all purposes.

Test Results

Flexural strength: 56,600 PSI
50 year flexural strength: 41,884 PSI (74% retention)
Flexural modulus: 1,910,000 PSI
50 year flexural modulus: 1,413,400 PSI (74% retention)
Tensile Strength: 79,580 PSI
Ring Stiffness: 10,583 N/m2


MVG designs and manufactures custom UV CIPP fiberglass wet-out conveyors and associated dry liner technologies. These state-of-the-art solutions can significantly reduce the cost of UV CIPP fiberglass liners, making them competitive with other heat-cured CIPP technologies. MVG offers four sizes of wet-out conveyors.

The Conveyor

The Trolleys

4 chain-driven movable trolleys                        Electrical hardware based on Siemens technology               Touch-screen computer controlled

Mixing Machine

Flow Meters

Resin Pump

Operating & Flush Valves

Operator Console

Front of the conveyor vacuum observation camera

Video QC of liner impregnation camera

Liner box loading camera

Conveyor operator screen.

Touch screen enabled control of the conveyor and trolleys. 

Company and business software
screen for visibility and production control. 

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